Features in MathGV 4.1
MathGV is a software program designed to generate graphs of mathematical functions. It can not plot raw data points. It can plot functions only. MathGV contains no spyware, adware or similar problematic features.

1. Plots 5 function types; 2D Cartesian (X, Y), parametric, polar, 3D Cartesian (X,Y,Z), 2D function rotated into 3 dimensions.
2. Graphs can contain multiple functions.
3. All graphs are drawn on resizable bitmaps, and displayed in scrolling windows.
4. Graph bitmaps can be copied and pasted into other programs, or saved to disk.
5. Multiple document interface (MDI) allows for simultaneous viewing of multiple graphs.
6. Can calculate negative numbers to fractional powers.
7. Function calculator that can give decimal or fractional results.
8. All changes take effect immediately after they are made.
9. Use tool bar buttons to zoom, rotate, and page up, down, left, right.
10. Graphs can be saved in bitmap (bmp), jpg or MathGV format.
11. Label tool bar for drawing, lines, free hand lines, rectangles, circles, round rectangles, flood fills, and text.
12. Labels can be selected, dragged, dropped, resized, added and deleted on any graph at any time.
13. All graphs are drawn by off screen threads. This prevents the program from "hanging" while plotting complex graphs.

New Features in MathGV version 4
Version 4 is primarily an internal program architecture upgrade. There are not a lot of new features. This improved architecture can better utilize modern PC hardware. It will also allow for faster future development.

1. All graphs are drawn on off screen threads. This prevents the program from "hanging" while plotting complex graphs.
2. New and improved help file.
3. New and improved install program.